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Cataract Eye Surgery in Mount Pleasant, PA at Peters Eye Clinic

What is Cataract Eye Surgery and Why is it Necessary?

We are happy to share some answers about cataract eye surgery in Mount Pleasant, PA at Peters Eye Clinic. Most people have heard of cataract surgery, but many do not know what it means and why it is necessary. A cataract is a clouding of an eye’s lens, which can affect the vision of anyone who experiences them. When cataracts become an issue, a qualified ophthalmologist can perform surgery to remove the lens and replace it with an artificial one. Cataract eye surgery is necessary when the cataracts blur the vision to the point where it can impair daily activities. This is also necessary when cataracts interfere with another necessary optical procedure.

Do you have difficulty seeing while driving, while exposed to bright lights, while reading, watching television, or using a computer? If so, cataract eye surgery may be the most effective treatment. To find out more, contact Jerome A. Peters, M.D. at Peters Eye Clinic in Mount Pleasant. Our experienced ophthalmologist will analyze your optic health and provide a professional opinion. Call today at (724) 547-2800 to set up an appointment at our office on West Main Street in Mount Pleasant.

The Procedure for Cataract Surgery with Peters Eye Clinic

Before the surgery occurs, patients will need to meet with our ophthalmologist for a routine test to determine the size and shape of the eye. This will help to determine the proper type of lens implant for the surgery. The surgery itself typically takes less than an hour and is typically an outpatient procedure. Upon arriving for the surgery, Dr. Peters will dilate the pupils and provide local anesthetics and possibly sedatives to numb the eye and promote relaxation during the procedure. From there, our doctor removes the current cloudy lens and implants the artificial lens. Vision should begin to improve within a few days, and Dr. Peters will continue to monitor the condition in the following days, weeks, and months. For more questions about the procedure or any impacts it may have on your vision, speak with our ophthalmologist at your earliest convenience.

Conveniently Located in Mount Pleasant for Cataract Surgery

Peters Eye Clinic provides three convenient locations for Westmoreland County residents to receive cataract surgery. We perform this surgery at our offices in Mount Pleasant, Greensburg, and Latrobe. Our ophthalmologist, Jerome A. Peters, M.D., has the experience and expertise to properly evaluate lenses for cataracts and perform the necessary procedures to remove them. Call Peters Eye Clinic today to make an appointment with Dr. Peters for cataract eye surgery in Mount Pleasant, PA.