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For testing, treatments, and complete eye care in Greensburg, PA, and surrounding areas, visit Peters Eye Clinic. Dr. Peters provides the eye services patients need to keep their eyes healthy. From routine exams to laser eye surgery, our ophthalmologist and staff work to provide the best care in Southwestern PA. Our services include:

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BlephEx™ Cleaning to Treat Blepharitis in Greensburg, PA

Peters Eye Clinic offers BlephEx™ cleaning to patients in Greensburg, PA, and the surrounding areas. BlephEx is an elective, in-office treatment that blepharitis sufferers may choose for treatments. This treatment cleans crusting and bacteria from the eye lashes and eyelids, providing some relief from chronic blepharitis pain. If you suffer from blepharitis in Greensburg, PA, and are looking for effective treatment, call Peters Eye Clinic today. We proudly serve Greensburg, PA; Latrobe, PA; Mount Pleasant, PA; and the surrounding areas.

Routine Eye Exams and Vision Testing at Peters Eye Clinic

The best way to keep up with eye health is to have a routine eye exam. Professional vision testing can ensure all parts of the eye work properly. Most patients require an annual appointment. Those with eye or other health conditions may visit every six months. Proper vision testing and eye exams can indicate if you need glasses. Testing also allows us to check for cataracts or other eye problems. Trust our ophthalmologists and staff to provide the proper exams and treatments at each appointment.

Eye Doctor for Diabetic Eye Care for Greensburg-Area Patients

Those living with diabetes must keep up with regular diabetic eye care appointments. Many patients with diabetes may develop diabetic retinopathy, which can result in partial or complete blindness. Contact Peters Eye Clinic in Greensburg, PA, to schedule an appointment with our experienced eye doctor.

Visit Peters Eye Clinic for testing, treatments, and complete eye care in Greensburg, PA.