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Laser Eye Surgery in Latrobe, PA

Peters Eye Clinic Uses the Latest Techniques, Paired With Care

When you need an eye doctor for laser eye surgery in Latrobe, PA, contact Peters Eye Clinic. It is a big decision to undergo laser eye surgery to help treat glaucoma and diabetic eye disease. So, when you choose to have the procedure done, make sure to choose Peters Eye Clinic. We have the expertise and care to make our patients’ laser eye surgery experience as comfortable as possible and to give them the results they need.

To best serve our patients across Southwestern Pennsylvania, we have an office in Latrobe, PA. Contact us today at (724) 539-3800 to schedule an appointment and restore comfort with Peters Eye Clinic.

Our Laser Eye Surgery in Latrobe, PA, Can Treat Glaucoma

Glaucoma causes uncomfortable pressure in your eye that can lead to vision loss. Some patients may be eligible for laser treatment to help lessen the pressure by draining the eye of fluids. While these treatments cannot cure glaucoma, patients may see a difference in their vision and overall comfort. If you are interested in learning more about laser eye surgery for glaucoma in Latrobe, PA, call Peters Eye Clinic today.

Laser Treatments for Diabetic Eye Disease in Latrobe, PA

Scatter eye surgery, a type of laser treatment, can help to treat problems associated with diabetic retinopathy. This treatment shrinks blood vessels to combat vision problems. While retinopathy does not have a cure, various treatments can make the disease more manageable. Peters Eye Clinic in Latrobe, PA, is here to talk with you about the various treatment options for diabetic eye disease. Contact us to learn more!

Our Goal is Your Healthy Eyes and Clear Vision

At Peters Eye Clinic, our ophthalmologist and staff are highly qualified, highly trained, and current on the latest, most effective laser eye surgery techniques. We dedicate ourselves to giving our patients the outcome they want. We also devote ourselves to making them as comfortable as possible, with care and respect. Our goal is healthy eyes and clear vision at Peters Eye Clinic. Trust us with your laser eye surgery.

Trust Peters Eye Clinic in Latrobe, PA, With All of Your Eye Care Needs

At our Latrobe, PA, location, our caring staff of Peters Eye Clinic performs eye care for our cherished patients, including:

Trust Peters Eye Clinic for state-of-the-art laser eye surgery in Latrobe, PA.